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        As parents, we already knew Jacob was autistic by his 2nd birthday. We did not get a diagnosis until close to his 3rd birthday which delayed getting help that much longer. I knew from raising my oldest that babies can do and say things a lot earlier than we think. Forget the milestone checklist. I knew from simply changing his diaper as a baby that he was not connecting with me. The rhythm of Jacob's babble was different. The eye contact was there but the emotional expression was not there. These signs showed up early when Jacob was a baby. The checklist screenings at his well check ups did not catch this. I was told not to worry. As a parent, it really wasn't about the "worry". It was about making sure my child had what he needed to thrive.

       This is where the isolation can begin for many parents. Many start internet searching which only funnels into longer waitlists for a diagnosis and getting your child the tools needed to develop and grow. The process and understanding of an autism diagnosis can be better. This is why Brad and I are doing this. If telling our story helps another family, I will tell it over and over again.

       Welcome to Jacob's Audible. We are so happy you're here.

       Together we can change the play.

       - Jaime Meshell

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Jacob's Audible is here to Empower Parents and Caretakers of ASD children to live to the fullest. We are accomplishing this through resource referral, respite care, and recreational social events.

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